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Algorithm Development

The compression and decompression of continuous-tone images is important in document management and transmission systems. This paper considers an alternative image representation scheme, based on Gaussian derivatives, to the standard discrete cosine transformation (DCT), within a Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) framework.

Depending on the computer arithmetic hardware used, the approach developed might yield a compression/decompression technique twice as fast as the DCT and of (essentially) equal quality.

Load Shedding In Mobile Systems Using Mobiqual

In location-based mobile continual query (CQ) systems, the two key measures of quality-ofservice (QoS) are freshness and accuracy. To achieve freshness the CQ server must perform frequent query reevaluations.

To attain accuracy the CQ server must receive and process frequent position updates from the mobile nodes. However, it is often difficult to obtain fresh and accurate CQ results simultaneously due to limited resources in computing and communication and fast-changing load conditions caused by continuous mobile node movement.

Image Processing Editor

Image Processing comes with a GUI (graphical user interface) program that lets us play with its various features. The program is based on AWT (the Abstract Windowing Toolkit) so that more people can run it. All that is required is an installed Java 1.1

As there is lot of crazy towards graphics, photos or images editing, processing is very important in that process. This application is accessible on any system and any platform. This application can be used to change the setting of old photos, creating a new type of icons to add them into applications and web sites.


Auctions are among the latest economic institutions in place. They have been used since antiquity to sell a wide variety of goods, and their basic form has remained unchanged. In this dissertation, we explore the efficiency of common auctions when values are interdependent- the value to a particular bidder may depend on information available only to others-and asymmetric.

In this setting, it is well known that sealed-bid auctions do not achieve efficient allocations in general since they do not allow the information held by different bidders to be shared.

Diamond Web-Hosting

Diamond Web-Hosting is a fictitious Web-based catalog sales site. Users can browse the catalog, add items to their personal shopping cart, and when they have finished shopping, check out and finalize the sale.

To purchase items, users must be registered as authenticated users by providing account information: an email address and password.


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